Avenir Centre ticketing is handled through a partnership with Ticketmaster Canada, the leading provider of event ticketing solutions in Canada.

Q: Where can I buy tickets?
A: Tickets are available online at Ticketmaster.ca Only mobile tickets will be issued for events. (except for season tickets)

BUYER BEWARE! Please, only purchase tickets from an authorized ticketing affiliate of Avenir Centre. The Avenir Centre uses TICKETMASTER.CA as our only authorized ticketing affiliate. There are many 3rd party ticket brokers that resell tickets in USD and at a much higher price than they are on TICKETMASTER, and sometimes, these tickets aren’t valid. If you do purchase tickets through a 3rd party ticket broker, we cannot verify the validity of your ticket. You will only find out when entering the show, if the ticket is valid or not. Images of tickets, are not valid tickets. Tickets must be a valid hard-ticket, or a mobile ticket sent to you from within the Ticketmaster App. If you do not see your mobile ticket on the Ticketmaster App, then you have likely purchased through a 3rd party ticket broker. Avenir Centre has the right to refuse entry to those that purchased tickets through a 3rd party ticket reseller. When purchasing tickets, it is best to go through our website www.avenircentre.com or www.ticketmaster.ca

Q: How do I find my seats?

Q: Where can I enter the building?

Gate 1:

Gate 1 is the venue’s main entrance and is located at the front of the building near the intersection of Main St. and Canada St.

Gate 2:

Gate 2 is the entrance for the Subaru of Moncton Box Office. This entrance is also an accessible entrance.

Gate 3:

Gate 3 is the entrance for all Club Seat ticket holders. This is also an accessible entrance.

Gate 5:

Gate 5 is our meeting room entrance.

Gate 6:

Gate 6 is used as an entrance for suites, ice rentals and meeting rooms. This is also an accessible entrance.

Q: How can I avoid Box Office lines?

A: Choose MOBILE tickets and just show your phone at the door.
Step 1: Order Online through www.avenircentre.com
Step 3: Download the Ticketmaster App in the App Store and on Google Play
Step 4: Once you have your MOBILE TICKETS, open your tickets on your phone and be ready at the gate

Q: What is the best way to find out about shows, presales, or special offers?
A: Sign up for our Avenir Centre email updates, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Click here to sign up for email updates now.

Q: What time do doors open?
A: For most events, doors open one hour prior to show, however this is at the discretion of the artist and is subject to change without notice.
Under no circumstance can the facility open doors without the approval of the artist and promoter.

Q: I can’t attend a show, can I get a refund?
A: Unfortunately, we are not able to offer refunds for concert or event tickets.

Q: I bought seats at the on sale, but now better seats are available, can I switch? And why does this happen?
A: Like refunds, we are not able to process exchanges for our concerts or events. Often when a show is put on sale, only broad details are available for things like production, sightlines, and sizing of different stage elements. As we approach a show and details become clearer, we are occasionally able to offer seats for sale which we previously believed to be obstructed or unsellable.

Q: A very popular concert is going on sale, should I buy online, or at the box office?
A: All points of sale pull from the exact same inventory of seats at the same time. When you are online, everyone is able to compete for the same seats, but at the Subaru of Moncton Box Office, each window seller has to compete for the seats on your behalf, and anyone behind must wait in line. Online purchases are the best way to ensure you have the best chance at getting seats.