Mobile Tickets


The Avenir Centre is pleased to offer our patrons the most convenient and secure way to manage their tickets, through the use of Safetix Mobile Tickets.
Through Ticketmaster’s mobile app, patrons can navigate through event information and most importantly, efficiently manage their tickets on their mobile device.

Mobile Ticketing Benefits:

Convenient: Manage, transfer your tickets using a mobile device .
Improved Control: Improved control and distribution when sharing tickets.
Efficient: Allows for quick and easy entry to the Avenir Centre using your mobile device
Safety: Reduced risk of lost, stolen, forgotten or counterfeit tickets
Eco-Friendly: Reduction in paper printing
Instant: Allows the Avenir Centre to instantly provide updates or changes to individuals attending an event


What is Mobile Ticketing?

Mobile Ticketing is the safest, most convenient and flexible way to receive and manage tickets while increasing protection against fraud and lost or stolen tickets.
Mobile Ticketing brings your event(s) into an account to help you manage your seats more conveniently while providing you additional distribution options.

What are Safetix?

We believe that our fans deserve access to tickets that they can trust at every step. To that end, we have opted to use Safetix mobile tickets for all of our Avenir Centre events.
Safetix are mobile tickets powered by a new and unique barcode that automatically refreshes every 15 seconds. This greatly reduces the risk of ticket fraud from stolen or illegal counterfeit tickets.

How can I recognize a Safetix mobile ticket?

If you take a closer look at your ticket, you may notice that it has a gliding movement, making it in a sense, alive. That movement is ticket technology actively
working to safeguard the ticket holder by refreshing the barcode every 15 seconds.
No, screenshots of tickets are not valid tickets for entry. If you are the recipient of a screenshot, contact the source of the ticket and request for the valid ticket to be transferred to you.

Can I use a screenshot of my ticket?

A mobile ticket must be displayed either within the ticketmaster app, the mobile website or within your phone’s Apple/Android wallet to be provided entry.

How can I download my tickets purchased at the box office to my Ticketmaster account?

Click here for instructions.

What if my phone battery dies and my tickets are stored there?

If your phone runs out of power, you can present a valid photo ID at the Subaru of Moncton Box office window and our staff will assist you in gaining access to the arena.

How can I scan my tickets if I don’t have a data plan with my phone provider?

Avenir Centre offers complimentary WIFI, within the venue, so a data plan is not required to scan your tickets. However we do encourage patrons to preload your seats to your phone (Apple Wallet – iPhone; Google Pay – Android), and open them for scanning, prior to arriving at the Avenir Centre.

Can I have multiple tickets on the same phone?

Yes. Once you select a game in your account through the mobile app, you can simply swipe left and right to view all your tickets. That said, we recommend you transfer your tickets to your guest(s) prior to attending the event to facilitate entry.

What if my entire party isn’t with me when I’m ready to enter?

The recommendation is that you transfer each individual attendee their ticket prior to attending an event. If not, you will have to wait for your guest(s). You can transfer any ticket up to one hour after the start of an event.